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Visco Pedic
Visco Pedic
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Memory Foam is the fastest growing segment in the mattress and bedding industry, recommended by thousands of healthcare practitioners worldwide. With years of research and development invested into this amazing technology, Visco Pedic products are all manufactured from the latest generation Visco-Elastic foams to provide the ultimate sleeping experience. The Visco Pedic brand is trusted by many health professionals and recommended by many more satisfied customers across South Africa.


“Since my family and I began sleeping on the Visco Pedic Memory Foam mattresses we have all been experiencing a much more restful night’s sleep! Visco Pedic mattresses combines good support and gentle plushness all in one. It has definitely had a profound effect on our sleeping habits and we have found ourselves waking up much more refreshed and without any 'morning aches and pains!' It is the best bed I have ever slept on!” - Dr L. Riggien - Chiropractor, (M.Tech: Chiropractic)