Visco Pedic mattresses are made with high quality memory foam which contours to the shape of your body for the ultimate night's sleep. Our mattresses are guaranteed to transform your sleep.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee | 15 Year Warranty | 2 Year Guarantee

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Junior Mattress -18%
The Visco Pedic Junior mattress is designed especially for children. This no-turn multilayer memory ..
R2,799 R2,299
or R158/month x 24
Core Comfort Mattress New -40%
The Visco Pedic Core Comfort mattress is a pocket spring mattress with a difference.  The centr..
R9,999 R5,999
or R347/month x 24
Dual Comfort Mattress New -20%
This five layer memory foam mattress boasts two comfort layers made from high-quality latex foam as ..
R6,899 R5,499
or R322/month x 24
Firm Comfort Mattress New -13%
The Firm comfort mattress is ideal for individuals enjoying firm sleeping surface. This five layer m..
R7,499 R6,499
or R373/month x 24
Plush Comfort Mattress New -23%
This comfortable multi-layered memory foam mattress features generous layers of high-density memory ..
R6,399 R4,899
or R291/month x 24
Superior Comfort Mattress New -40%
The Superior Comfort is the plushest mattress in the Visco Pedic range. This pocket coil mattress fe..
R9,999 R5,999
or R347/month x 24